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As I have said before it. This changling only comes around every now and again and this particular changeling pretty much just….well licks and sqwacks. Fortunately I have these two guests here that seem to keep me dry at least for the time being……He has never once tried to hurt me or shape shift….maybe it doesn’t see a need to. 

Part 1 of 2:

((Cameos from Doppel, Scootoaster, and Kid Discord As always these guys are awesome and if you havn’t checked them out. DO IT!))

Sorry this took so long to come out. it was originally going to be longer but with everything that’s been happening to me its been difficult to find time and motivation to do these but you guys are just awesome with your patience. I will kind of explain whats going on on my mod blog here

You can’t treat me like this! I have rights!

We haven’t used you for over a year for a reason.



Scootoaster is not pleased.

Onwards! To adventure!

Too much adventure!



Scootoaster is not pleased.

Onwards! To adventure!

Too much adventure!

Does sacrifices count if the human is already dead?

Depends on the cause of death. If it was suicide, it’s a no-go. Drowning or murder are allowed, but burning alive is the best way to appease your god of toasting.

Question! I have a toaster oven. Will that work?

Any kind of small kitchen appliance, ranging from coffee machines to toaster ovens, will work as an altar for praying to your toasty god.

Now bring a human sacrifice.

Scootoaster are you on we haven't seen a post from you in ages just tells us that your alive D:

No worries, your god has not fallen.

I’m fine but my computer’s kinda busted so I can’t do much of anything right now.

Patience, lads.

Amuse yourself in the meantime by talking to your toaster like a crazy person. If you don’t own a toaster, a microwave will suffice.




Livestream sketches 7-25-2014

they drew Cy hugging a toaster, eee

oh gosh that’s cute